1. A moderate increase in membership of 10%.
  2. Charter Strength of 20 members.
  3. The club must achieve a TRF Annual Fund of USD $100.00 per capita
  4. A five (5)% increase of your latest TRF contribution or minimum of $1000, whichever is greater.
  5. Accomplish the Presidential Citation.
  6. Participate significantly in the DISCON by pledging a minimum of 1 table.
  7. Organize at least 1 new Rotary club.
  8. Register at least 2 delegates to the Hawaii International Convention.
  9. 100% Subscription to the PRM.
  10. Organizing a project during the United Nation Day.
  11. Recruiting a young professional or doing a project with our youth.
  12. Implement at least 3 of the Rotary International Areas of Focus with Peace and Conflict Resolution as a must in the 3 Areas that your club will complete