RC Manila JP Laurel Malacañang Launches Piso for Polio and PCS-PPP

by ChP Olivia Tindoy
RC Manila JP Laurel Malacañang

Last August 22, 2019, on the occasion of the Third Club Meeting, I challenged my members to support our fundraising project in furtherance of Rotary International’s End Polio campaign and that of the Philippine Cancer Society. For every used one-liter mineral bottle collected from our community, the same shall be cleaned, dried and reused as a coin bank. The collection shall be divided into three (3) parts, one for End Polio, one for the Philippine Cancer Society and the last part, for the club’s flagship project, “Bandana Festival”.

The campaign for the End Polio is aimed at the disease’s eradication. Our project with the Philippine Cancer Society delves on the navigation program where we conduct breast and cervical cancer screening in remote areas thereby allowing an opportunity for the less fortunate to have a free check-up while connecting them to the organization for help and support in terms of treatment and prevention. The Bandana Festival is aimed at supporting the survivor through the advocacy where the bandana symbolizes a boost on a cancer patient’s morale and confidence. Hence, the project cuts across all the six (6) Areas of Focus of Rotary International while boosting both promotion and public image domains in furtherance of “ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD”.