Improving Aetas Literacy through Information and Communication Technology

by Aries B. Balanay
RC Intramuros Manila

The ROTARY CLUB OF INTRAMUROS District 3810 led by Inspiring President Annie Cu Gallardo and RC Kishiwada-East Japan District 2640 led by President Ichiro Tsujibayashi recently launched a project entitled “Improving Aetas Literacy through Information and Communication Technology” which seeks to accomplish one of the areas of focus: Basic Education and Literacy, with Sitio Babo Munting Paaralan as the project beneficiary.

This project is the last phase of Basic Education and Literacy program of RC Intramuros and RC Kishiwada-East Japan in Sitio BaboMunting Paaralan. In 2017, they began improving the school and implemented the project entitled “Improving Literacy through Better School Environment.

For this project, the RC Intramuros through the help of TRF Chairman Florencio Naguit and Past President Aries B. Balanay and RC Kishiwada- East Japan with assistance from International Service Committee Chairperson Naoki Yonemoto teamed up to make the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project a reality.

The objectives of the project are to hasten the furtherance of other possibilities such as awareness of the significance of continuing education, the elevation of teaching quality, and provision of modern tools like computers. In addition, this project is also part of the drive to improve education and increase literacy among indigenous people.

The donated ICT equipment included laptop and desktop computers, television monitor, printer, speaker, router, computer table and software. Apart from the computer donations, several ICT training and workshops were also given to the students to enhance their ICT competencies and improve their overall academic performance.

Prior to the donation, some 160 students from the elementary school had no access to computer resources. For the students, the fastest way to access a computer was through internet cafes, which are located five kilometers away.

Similarly, teachers were famed to resort to traditional instructional materials such as chalk, chalkboard, posters in delivering their lessons.

As computers have become an integral part of the modern system, access to computer resources have become increasingly important, with students relying on them for their homework, research presentations, reports, and other academic-related activities.

The RC Intramuros and RC Kishiwada East hope that incorporating digital resources into the learning process will make learning more interesting and effective for the students.