More Than Just A Celebration

by: ChP Ayee Lagas
RC Pasay Millenium

On the very day of July 23, 2019 was Changemaker President’s Mila “Miles” Manabat 65th birthday which she chose to celebrate with the children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help — Caysasay Children’s Home, Labac Taal Batangas. These children have always been close to her heart since her term as the president in 2011. For years, she and the Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium have constantly supported the cause of the Sisters Oblates of the Holy Spirit to take care, nurture and help the children of families who can no longer support their child’s well-being and education. Along with Champion President Aileen “Ayee” Lagas and the members of the club, they have traveled long hours to be with these children. And everything was all worth it when the children welcomed them with all smiles and hugs.

As their performance came to an end, the children hurriedly exited and what followed was truly a wonder not only for the birthday celebrator but for all the Rotarians who were touched and teary-eyed with the children’s efforts to surprise CMP Miles on her birthday.

After the party, the RC Pasay Millenium officers and members presented their donations of medicines, toiletries, garments, footwear, stuff toys and cash for the needs of the orphanage. The children were so happy and giddy when each of them was given a stuffed toy while the nuns and the social workers were all thankful that they also received Rotary printed T-Shirts that they may use every day.