District 3810 Sergeant-At-Arms: At Your Service

by PP Cecilia D. Larita
Area Correspondent-At-Large, Manila

Maintaining peace and order in any district function can be a nightmare. With the sheer number of Rotarians from Manila, Pasay, Cavite and Occidental Mindoro establishing an orderly flow from registration to ingress and egress as well as ensuring the security of every Rotarian in the hall can be a most daunting task, to say the least. And as we turn a new leaf each Rotary year, the baton is passed on from one Chief Sergeant-at-Arms to another, unless the new District Governor maintains the same person at the helm of peace and order in every Rotary function of the district. Fortunately, for District 3810, its battalion of District Sergeant-at-Arms has been honed to perfection throughout the years to handle the most challenging of situations. Molded by our forefathers into one cohesive and united family, the proverbial changing of the guards often entails a bull session and a review of the conduct of activities in the previous Rotary year so as to find ways of improving themselves.

Rotary Year 2018-2019 Chief Sergeant-at-Arms Philip Lee of the Rotary Club of Chinatown Manila was a picture of a strict yet disciplined man in uniform which he exudes in the persona he projects. While his stern look has earned the respect of the Rotarians in the district, he possessed the heart of a genuine leader whose smile reflects the sincerity of his approval for a job well done so much so that he has harnessed the innate potentials of his flock of Sergeant-at-Arms.

In sharp contrast, Rotary Year 2019-2020 Chief Sergeant-at-Arms
Senior Deputy Governor Edgar “Popoy” Eusebio always wears that ready smile, portraying the friendly peace and order neighborhood guy who earns the respect through his congenial yet exacting nature for beyond that smile is a no non-sense leader who is predisposed to adhering to guidelines in the conduct of affairs of the service as well as ensuring the observance of proper decorum of a genuine Sergeant-at-Arms.

While both leaders showcase different leadership styles, they are one is ensuring that every Rotary event is a safe haven for every Rotarian who wishes to bring forth his or her unwavering resolve in furtherance of

“Service Above Self”. Hence, without doubt, with the discipline they all possess, “ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD” is set to soar to greater heights.