Strong Bond Among President Elects

by PP Oliver Alvarez

It was nice meeting and greeting with the doctor and teacher dogs from Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)!

The Rotary Club of Manila Magic, in partnership with PAWS conducted a literacy activity with the kids alongside their monthly Legal Counseling and Medical Mission in the community.

The PAWS volunteers started the program discussing empathy towards animals. It was followed after by a demo and an activity on the proper way of introducing oneself to a dog. They ended their activity with a storytelling session with the kids entitled, “Tik-tak-tok”.

After the Literacy Session with the teacher dogs, PE Cheska Acuin facilitated grammar and group activities, co-led by PE Fadi Rahal of RC Tondo and PE Eunice Estrada of RC Pasay Silangan. The activities aimed to develop the kids’ English Communication Skills, Self-Confidence and Vocabulary. One of the icebreakers made use of PE Fadi’s donated sport equipment which we look forward to using and teaching the kids on our next visits!

Meanwhile at the medical mission, the doctor dogs stayed with the human doctors at their station and helped in maintaining a friendly atmosphere while the kids wait for their turn. With the leadership of IP Ari Rivera and the efforts of Doc Lee Roi, his team of doctors and the club’s volunteer rotarians, the club’s medical mission had been a success.

Great job Magical Rotarians!

The program was held at Young Focus and ended at 12:30.


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