1. Have a great Rotary Year in Service and Fellowship by exemplifying the true character of a Rotarian depicting the marks of a CHAMPION in words and deeds.

  2. Have clubs attain a charter strength of 20 members by March 31,2020 and an increase membership by at least ten percent (10%) with retention rate of eighty five percent (85%)

  3. Have an attendance of 1,000 Rotarians to the District Conference (DISCON 2020).

  4. Have at least 150 Rotarians or more attend the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Hawaii.

  5. Have at least 70% of the clubs attain the Rotary Citation and 50% of the clubs attain the Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction of RI President Mark Maloney.

  6. Have an annual Programs Fund contribution to the TRF of at least US$300,000.00 and a per capita of US$100.

  7. Have clubs complete three (3) service projects falling under the 6 areas of focus with emphasis on Peace and Conflict Resolution.

  8. Have to undertake a significant public image campaign project in the community about the good that Rotary is doing in the world and the partnership of the United Nations with Rotary International.

  9. Have a 100% subscription to the Philippine Rotary Magazine (PRM).

  10. Have to organize at least ten (10) new Rotary clubs and five (5) new Rotaract/Interact Clubs.

  11. Have clubs fully comply with the paperless use of club reporting through the Rotary Club Central and the District Website.

  12. Have to achieve friendly relations with everyone in the District and practice the true meaning of the FOUR WAY TEST .