End Cervical Cancer in the Philippines using Digital Cervicography & Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid.

Flagship Project Description.
Cervical cancer is a preventable disease. Yet, its the 2nd most common cancer among Filipino women. Ineffective cancer screening, cost and unavailability of doctors along the periphery of the country attributes some of the root causes. Recently, a cheaper screening method – Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) has showed comparable results to gold standard Paps Smear.This involves swabbing of vinegar into the cervix and direct visual interpretation in minutes.In the absence of local physicians in an area, midwives are presently are trained to perform such procedure to address this issue. If procedure would have been combined with Digital Cervicography ( a procedure in which a non-physician takes pictures of the cervix and submits them to a physician for interpretation)direct results and patient disposition (decision when to refer further work-up or not for better diagnosis) would have been incomparably better. Overall, this leads to improvement of our cervical mortality and morbidity.A comparative local inter-observer study is being done to date approved by the Institutional Review Board at Tondo Medical Center. The project has been applied for Global Grant RY 2019-2020. The grant shall be used to construct a secured online system to host private patient medical records shared to midwives and specialized physicians for interpretation, and equipments in the
conduction of cervical cancer screening shared to Rotary Clubs with communities without medical physicians.

FOREVER YOUNG – A Grandparents Day Celebration and Awareness ofAlzheimer’s month @ Lucky Chinatown Mall

Flagship Project Description.
With the rise of the number of senior citizen expected to double by 2020, there is an alarming increase on the rise of nursing homes in the Philippines as well the cases ofAlzheimer’s disease. This can be attributed to modern stress in work where both father and mother are working to survive & less and less attention is given to the elderly people. Realizing this, the club staged a day of fun & entertainment packed with singing, dancing, medical lectures plus free medical laboratory targeted for the elederly people of Binondo.Professional performers – stage singer & actress Ms Pinky Marquez, Music Making Company
Gen 5 and tenor Dondi Ong highlighted the event. Rotaractor and Interactors from the Philippine College of Criminology likewise joined in the celebration.

VALUES FORMATION THRU A MUSICAL THEATER PROJECT: An Inspiring Story of Childrens Musical Success

Flagship Project Description.
Thirty two indigent kids with age ranging between 6 and 16 years of age, students of VISION HIMPOSSIBLE MINISTRIES were taught to sing, dance and perform on stage for 10 session, 4 hours each day. The project teaches core values like, honesty, respect, loyalty, reliability and others. At the end of the session, a culminating activity was done. Their production number with the kids performance was so good, invitations to do a repeat performance were held in Sofitel and Okada to name a few. The club pitched in to help by sponsoring their performance at the Lucky Chinatown Mall and four concerts held at the Polari Music hub in Tomas Morato. At one concert in Polari Music Hub, 13 of these kids gained educational sponsorship worth several hundred of thousands of pesos.