EDISON Ong National “EON” Awards

Flagship Project Description. ABOUT THE EON ROTARACT AWARDS
The Philippines has ten of the most vibrant Rotaract programs in the world. Through simple and effective service projects, Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines further the goals of Rotary International as true Rotary Service Partners.

Rotary International annually bestows the Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards (ROPA) to Rotaract clubs worldwide whose projects exemplify excellent humanitarian work. Over the decades, dozens of Philippine Rotaract Clubs have been recipients of the ROPA for creating powerful, visible, and sustainable changes in their communities.


In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Rotaract program, the Rotary Club of Manila Magic sought to replicate the ROPA at a local scale through this national search for outstanding Rotaract service projects and named it in honor of one of the Godfathers of Philippine Rotaract, Rotarian EDISON “MAGIC” ONG. PP Magic’s life and service inspired the many activities of Rotaractors in the Philippines today, including the Pilipinas Rotaract Convention (PROCON), Magic Badminton Cup, and the Pilipinas Multi-District Information Organization (Pilipinas MDIO). The first EON Rotaract Awards was held last March 13, 2018 in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Manila.

Now on its 2nd year, the EON Rotaract Awards is looking for refreshing takes on solving complex social problems. It believes that young Filipino ingenuity is key to finding practical, scalable solutions that any ordinary citizen can take part in. By showcasing inspiring service projects, the EON Rotaract Awards invites all Filipinos to participate in nation-building in demonstrable ways.

1. To recognize excellence in Rotaract service projects in the Philippines
2. To promote simple, practical, and sustainable Rotaract service projects that further the goals of Rotary International
3. To inspire emulation by showcasing exemplary projects of Rotaract clubs nationwide
4. To encourage the submission of nominations to Rotary International’s the Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards

1. Open to all Rotaract Clubs from the 10 Rotary International Districts of the Philippines
2. Project proposal must be a future project that needs funding and can be implemented by April 2019.
3. Project proposal must be aligned with Rotary’s Six (6) Areas of Focus.
4. Submit your project proposal by accomplishing this Google Form on or before March 1, 2019.
5. If shortlisted, the Club President or representative will need to present to the Panel of Judges using a 5-minute presentation explaining why we should fund your project. A Project Q & A between the Club representatives and our panel of judges will follow after the presentations.

Purpose and Potential Impact – 30%
Feasibility and PossibleImplementation by April 2019 – 20%
Sustainability and Alignment with at least 1 of the 6 Areas of Focus – 20%
Innovation – 15%
Collaboration – 15%


The EON Rotaract Awards will be granted to the top four (4) most outstanding project proposals and will be bestowed the following Awards and Grant Amount.


Awards won are strictly for Project funding and will be given upon project implementation. A Post-Event Project Report is required after the implementation of the project.

In cooperation with DSWD, NGOs, WPS center, Barangay officers.

Monthly Simultaneous Medical Mission, Literacy and Legal Counselling at Young Focus-Young Unlimited, Tondo Manila

Flagship Project Description.
About 70 families are accommodated at our monthly simultaneous Medical, Literacy and Legal Counseling outreach activities at Young Focus Unlimited in Tondo, Manila. This sustainable project was pioneered by our IP Ari Rivera, wherein volunteer doctors, educators and lawyers join with club to monitor the community’s health, education and peace. These simultaneous programs are done every last Saturday of each month at Young Focus-Young Unlimited, Tondo Manila.

Global Dignity Day Philippines

Flagship Project Description.
Since 2013, our club has partnered with Global Dignity in celebrating human dignity with 680,000 young people in over 70 countries around the world every October!
Global Dignity Day, one of the club’s annual activities is a global initiative that aims to “educate and inspire young people to understand their self-worth and goals” (globaldignity.org).