Rotarian Warriors

by Liza V. Elorde
District Governor RY 2019-2020


Membership and New Club Development Month is a time to focus on Rotary’s continuing need for growth, to seek new members and form new clubs. If you have more members, you can do more projects. And as a reminder for growing your membership please remember this …. you need to 

 • Update your classification lists and circulate amongst members and accordingly fill up the Vacancies 

 • Educate members about membership Procedure(how to recruit) 

 • Induct New Members 

 • Invite Rotaractors or young professionals to join Rotary 

 • Consider inviting Local Personalities to be Inducted as Honorary Members 

 • Organize Seminar on Club level & a Public meeting inviting non-rotary friends and Rotary Alumni to emphasize advantages of Joining Rotary 

 • Make your club charter strength 

 • See to it that you retain your members and 

 • Charter a new club 

Dear Champion Presidents and team, time and again, I was asking you to take a look at the number of members in your portal. I asked you to review your club standing on membership recruitment and retention. I congratulate those clubs who have recruited members and have placed them in the portal. But again, please make sure that these new members will stay and the old members will also stay. There are many ways on how you can have your members stay with you. Our RI website has a lot of reading materials and tips on how you can do this. Please please see to it that you visit the website of RI. 

And remember to keep this in mind… REACH ONE, KEEP ONE. If each one of us can reach one person and keep one from our club then I think we will have a great membership in our district and in Rotary as a whole. 

I would also like to thank you for your TRF contributions. Some of you have already hit your targets and some even had more. I would like to reach out to the others to please be more generous. If you can already share your blessings now, please do so. Let us not wait for the TRF month in November or in June 2020 when we are about to end our term. We can already start helping others now.


With a month that passed by so fast, have you already examined what you have accomplished, not only in terms of membership and TRF but also in terms of your Service projects? Were you able to lend a helping hand? Were you able to change lives? I hope you were able to do something. 

Several days ago in the induction and handover ceremonies of RC Manila San Miguel, I launched the words “ROTARIAN WARRIORS”. I would like to repeat what I have stated during RC San Miguel’s induction with regards to this “Rotarian Warriors”. I thought about this because the DOH has already declared a nationwide Dengue Epidemic. More than 147,000 dengue cases were monitored from January to July 20 alone and this is 98 percent higher compared to the same period last year. Our DOH Sec Francisco Duque also reported a record of more than 622 dengue-related deaths and is very alarming. If we continue to look at all the figures published it showed that all surpassed the figures last year and exceeded the alert threshold level in many areas. 

Following the national dengue epidemic declaration, the DOH together with other government agencies, LGU, schools, offices, communities and volunteer groups such as our organization is asked to support the conduct of the “Sabayang 4 o’clock” activity that aims to destroy dengue breeding sites every 4Oclock in the afternoon. Aside from this effort, let us also help in the massive nationwide information campaign, give advice and encourage the general public to follow also the 4′ S strategy : 

 1. Search and destroy the mosquito breeding sites; 

 2. Self-protective measures like using insect repellants daily and wearing of light-colored pants, long sleeves, and long pants; 

 3. Seek early consultation at the nearest health care facility once symptoms have manifested 

 4. Support fogging, spraying and misting and misting only in hotspot areas where an increase in cases have registered for 2 consecutive weeks to prevent an impending outbreak. And as Rotarians, I would like to add the no. 5 strategy 

 5. Serve those who have been affected in every way you can. See that you extend help. 

My fellow Rotarians, we are almost ending polio in the world. Let us now start also with helping out eradicate dengue. This may take years, but as Rotarians let not a disease that can be cured and eradicated stay in this world. This is why we are here. Today, I launched the term “Rotarian Warriors”: so that we can truly seek to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the spirit of Rotary Service. This is our pledge as Rotarians. Warriors for us may mean as someone who is engaged in a struggle to fight and have that courage and skill to reduce the conflict. As Champions who fight for the causes of Rotary, let us be Rotarian warriors. Let us fight deadly diseases. I urged you all fellow Rotarians to be one with us in this endeavor. Again let us all be called the ROTARIAN WARRIORS or the Rotarian Dengue Warriors. Let us do something for this DENGUE disease. At the moment please monitor dengue cases in your communities and together let us map out something for people who are affected by this. Again, let us act now 

(taken from her Second Area Meeting Speech, August 12, 2019, OKADA Manila)