District Govenor Liza Elorde New Years Message

My dear fellow governors, champion presidents, Executive Committee, District officers, Rotaractors, Interactors, RCC’s, fellow rotarians and partners in service… a very prosperous 2020 for all of us. 2019 i guess was an amazing year for the champion team. Though only 6 mos since we all buckled down to do service and lift the champion spirit in all of us, it seems we have done these in a year because what we did for the men, women and children that needed our help was really one that we can all be proud of. Let us give thanks to the Lord for his hands work in mysterious ways that enabled us to share what we have. I thank you also on behalf of my spouse johnny and the entire Elorde family for the support you have given me as your governor. I would not stop asking for your support this 2020 as we are still up to a lot of giving ourselves to others and making a difference in their lives. I also would want to greet your families the best of the new year, as they are the best we can ever have. Let us continue to do good in the world and spread love, hope, peace, humility and patience in our hearts. Again my greetings to all of you. May you and your loved ones be filled with all the Lord’s blessings. I also wish that we will all be free from any harm and that we be given a healthy mind and body all throughout. Love you all. Cheers and happy new year again dear fellow rotarians .

If i can ask a simple favor from u today and tom…. pls give someone in the street, a child or an elderly, a piece of bread, any kind and greet them also a happy new year thank u once again.

Johnny, Liza and family