Mandatory Requisite in Attendance to the TRF Grants Management Seminar in April

Dear Incoming Presidents Elect…..again, another bout of learning course in the Learning Center. As a mandatory requirement by the District Training Committee, the CHAMPION presidents are asked to complete the “Rotary Foundation Basic” Course. Guidelines how to find the course can be found by clicking the link:

A bit lengthy than the first one as you need to complete 10 parts. On your 9th lesson.. you will be asked to answer 17 or so questions you are required to pass, otherwise you may need to retake the exam again. In as much as I would like to leak out to you the answers…. As Champs… you guys are far better than me… and need not require any help. Goodluck. Once completed… please post your certificate at our Champion Presidents Viber Group which I will be monitoring.

I have taken the course ahead to inspire you (as an incumbent Inspiring President) and learn, understand Grants Management better.

Please see guide below:

Sample Certificate:

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