By Atty SDG Batas Mauricio

Incumbent District 3810 Governor Rudy Bediones fully concurred with the pronouncements made by Ms. Liza Vicencio Elorde, the incoming District Governor of District 3810 come July 01, 2019. In his own speech during the opening of DISTAS 2019, Bediones also stressed the truth that Rotarians indeed are the true “superheroes” of our time because they do perform actual service that help others in need.

Bediones took time out to enumerate the many and myriad projects that Rotarians from Manila, Pasay City, Cavite, and Occidental Mindoro who compose District 3810 annually carry out without let up. Principal of these projects is the continuing effort to fight polio, which actually is a worldwide concern of Rotary. Then, Rotarians are also engaged in assisting our countrymen victimized by calamities, natural or man-made, and projects like putting up artesian wells or water systems that give clean and potable drinking water to far-flung areas.

What makes this charitable acts of Rotarians, if the truth be told, is the fact that they spend their own money for their projects. No money is given to them by the government, or by any politician or any other vested groups. And, all of their acts are pure voluntary work which means that Rotarians are serving others selflessly on their own volition, without any compulsion from any outside source. Well, thank God in the Name of Jesus. Mabuhay Rotarians, especially those from District 3810!!!