By Atty SDG Batas Mauricio

As far as Ms. Liza Vicencio Elorde is concerned, her term as the sixth lady District Governor of Rotary International District 3810 starting July 01, 2019 would see more Rotarians becoming true champions in helping less fortunate Filipinos, turning themselves into selfless heroes who will battle the grinding poverty, lack of knowledge, ailments, sicknesses, and diseases, and other debilitating problems hounding a great number of our countrymen.

In her speech at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel during the start of the District 3810 Training Assembly (DISTAS 2019) last Saturday, May 04, 2019, Elorde stressed the more responsible role of Rotarians in doing good for others in the Philippines. Outside of Rotary, she is one of the children of Macario Vicencio, a great journalist who became a president of the Philippine National Press Club. Liza also became one of the daughters-in-law of the original Filipino boxing legend, Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, co-managing the Elorde Gym franchise.

According to Elorde (who will be leading Rotarians of District 3810 from Manila, Pasay City, Cavite, and Oriental Mindoro from July 01, 2019 until June 30, 2020), ever since the establishment in the Philippines and in Asia of the first chapter of Rotary International (the Rotary Club of Manila), Rotarians had always been, and continue to be, in the forefrong of projects aimed at uplifting the life, intellect, health, and well-being of everyone.