tech-tIPs: Best Screenshot Tool on PC and Mac – for me

by Bogs Rivera

There are countless occasions during the term of any president you will faced to provide a picture of your screen be it mobile or on desktop. In certain occasions, you even need to type some words into the image, or even highlight by placing a collared box or circle to emphasize…like this image below.

For mobile, there are ways how to do this depending on the type of your phone you are using. For desktop, we tend to limit our selves to PRNT SCRN on PC or CMD+SHIFT+4 on Mac.

Doing a ton of presentation and tutorials as ISDG for online tools, I need a tool that is fast, easy to use and more importantly FREE.  I use LIGHTSHOT

The app allows you to select any area on your desktop, very simple and intuitive, you can write directly and highlight using coloured boxes, circles or arrows easy and a whole lot more to which I am not using. Just sharing as this need may arise as you go through the journey of becoming a Champion President.