What is Enactment 19 – 72?

by Chock Encabo

Here are some of the FAQs about Enactment 19-72. I tried my best to answer most of your questions as part of the Rotary International’s Rotaract and Interact Committee for this Rotary Year. I focused on questions coming from Filipino Rotaractors and used the resources I got from RI and members of the committee.

I would like to make it clear that this is NOT the OFFICIAL STATEMENT from the committee or from Rotary International.

Rotary International
MDIO Pilipinas


Council on legislation to review changes to RI policies

Rotary members from all over the world will gather in Chicago 14-18 April to consider changes to the Constitutional documents that guide Rotary International and its member clubs.

The Council on Legislation meets every three years and is an essential part of Rotary’s governance. The representatives — one from each Rotary district — review and vote on proposals that seek to change Rotary’s constitutional documents.

This year, the council will consider more than 100 proposals, including one new item and three recently amended motions from the Rotary International Board of Directors and one of these is:

To admit Rotaract clubs to RI membership or Enactment 19-72
Proposed enactment 19-72 would acknowledge Rotaract clubs in the RI Constitution and Bylaws and elevate them to being more equal to Rotary clubs. The Board believes that now is the time to emphasize the important role that Rotaract clubs play in the Rotary family by formally recognizing them in the constitutional documents. Rotaract clubs will continue to have their own standard constitution, maintain their own identity as Rotaractors, and preserve their unique club experience but will receive greater support from RI.

Source: Council on Legislation To Review Changes on RI Policies